Why I love old things

Every when in a while, Chicago Now neighborhood supervisor and all-around good person (suck-up points here) Jimmy Greenfield, provides his 300+ bloggers a writing exercise. The topic this time around was "Write about something you contained stunning that you feel others might not comprehend." Well, this is a simple one for me because I collect old stuff.

Now, I know this isn't uncommon because I know a great deal of people who love antiques, but I've been gathering since I was 13 years of ages. I have such a variety of collections that my hubby, Chuck, as soon as quipped he couldn’t even affords to collect toothpicks.

My first antique was bought up on Main Street in my home town of Dupo, Illinois. I will never forget it; Aunt Tilly's Antique Shop (antique being a really, extremely loose term here) was a genuine wonderland for me.

I thought of the lives the pieces gathered here may've had in the past, who owned and enjoyed them and why ... One day, a 19th century, greatly sculpted cabinet caught my eye, but with a cost of $45, I knew it would be a difficult, if not impossible obtain. However, I persuaded Tilly to let me pay on time, so throughout elementary school and into high school, as I worked as a design in St. Louis, I conserved my money and eventually this gorgeous piece was mine. It still has pride of location in my home, now as a heavily loaded liquor cabinet.--RRB-.

Let me tell you another story about Aunt Tilly and her wonderful store. She literally lived amongst the pieces there that were for sale there.

My collecting inclinations do not stop at antique furniture. I also enjoy and gather antique Christmas products-- 19th century Santas in every shape, size and product, delicate accessories, cast-iron sleighs, embellished, miniature Christmas trees from the '40s and '50s therefore much more. I used to display these cherished products just throughout the vacations, but I couldn't stand being far from them that long so now they're in a curio cabinet year-round. My designer believed I was nuts till he saw (and approved of) the charming screen.

Oh yes, and another thing, I also collect antique paperweights. They hold true miracles of development prior to it became easy to do with machines doing all the heavy lifting. The patience and ability needed to produce these complicated glass orbs is impressive to me. Many were damaged due to mistakes that it's a wonder any survived at all. The ones that did are highly treasured and quite expensive now.

A man came to our house the other day to film a video for a friend's birthday and he commented on the restricted wall space I had due to artwork, etc. And, in my mind, the definition of a minimalist is someone who has absolutely nothing to state.



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